Water repellent treatment for natural stone, plaster and terracotta 

SIOX-5 RE10 is a water repellent protective coating based on sol-gel technology developed by the Group of Chemistry for Cultural Heritage at the University of Padua, Italy (Patent n. 0001370467   Synthesis of silica protective films by tin-catalized sol-gel process).


The product contains nanostructured silica gel. Once applied it forms a layer of amorphous silica thin, colorless, transparent, compatible with the substrate, water resistant and breathable. 

The functionalized component - hydrophobic- is arranged outwards and it prevents the absorption of water and substances by porous surfaces as natural stone or artificial material (plasters, stucco,terracotta).

Bottles 1l, 3l, 5l



  • carbonate and silicate stones
  • lime plasterS
  • cement plaster
  • stucco
  • ornamental and covering terracotta
  • clay tiles
  • grouting
  • wall paintings


  • neutral aspect
  • high level of water resistance
  • high degree of transpiration
  • rapid activation (30 min)
  • compatibility with silicate and carbonate substrates
  • resistance to UV irradiation
  • resistance to polluted acid environment 
  • reversibility
  • possibility of reapplying
  • not toxic